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Q1: What is the Quality of your Database?
A1: It should only be judged on the response that it gets, and up to now we have a lot of happy repeat users! There are no duplicated email addresses and or are live.
A2: No one can stop all ‘junking’; however we show you how to maximise the design to keep the ‘Spam score’ low.
Q2: How can you get through Spam Filters?
A3: There is no contract, however we ask you to give it a fair trial of 3 months; we offer discounts for 6 and 12 months campaigns.
Q3: How long are we tied in for?
A4: That is up to you, the first one is included with the set-up charge, but at any stage you can add more – there may be a charge depending on the complexities.
Q4: How many Templates can I have?
Q5: Can we use our own designs?
A5: Yes, however we can either help you put them in the Happy-Tree System or do it for you - we also design adverts and implement campaigns.
Q6: How fast will the adverts go out?
A6: With the servers we have they can go out in 30 minutes, however from experience we slow the process down, adverts are streamed out all day and for some customers we send them out over 2 days.
A7: Yes and they are secure and cannot be used by anyone else, you can add, or if you require your database to be ‘cleaned and de-duped’ we can do it, we always recommend that you add a ‘mole’ address.
Q7: Can we add our own email addresses?
Q8: What are hard and soft bounce backs?
A8: A hard bounce back is where the email address is no longer in use, perhaps the company no longer exists. The address is removed from The Happy-Tree databases. A soft bounce back is caused when the recipient have their ‘Out of Office’ on, or their post box is full up. The email address stays on The Happy-Tree databases, unless it bounces back 10 times, and then it will be deleted.
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